Walthers Cornerstone 933-3085 Black Gold Asphalt Hot Mix Plant - Kit, HO

WalthersSKU: 933-3085


Kit - 9-3/4 x 14-1/8 x 10-1/2" 24.3 x 35.3 x 26.2cm
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Requiring a steady supply of raw materials in bulk (A good paving crew can lay
up to 3,000 tons of asphalt in a single shift!), your new hot mix plant will
provide plenty of car-loadings on your modern HO Scale railroad.

This highly detailed kit is complete with oil tanks, two conveyors, a three-bay
mixing bin with conveyor, furnace with ductwork, rotary mixing kiln, piping,
double loading silos and colorful decal signs. The kit has also been designed to
accept a Seuthe smoke generator (#667-117, sold separately) that adds animation
to your finished model.

Much of the sand and gravel arrives in 3-bay hoppers, though some roads use
Ortner Aggregate Hoppers. These distinctive cars carry money-saving loads of 100
tons and are fitted with special rapid discharge, bottom unloading doors.
Walthers cars are available in singles (932-7050 Series) and three-packs
(932-37051 Series), which feature four different car numbers for each roadname.
The material can be moved at the plant with the Wheel Loader (933-3141).
Bituminous is shipped in insulated tank cars to keep it in a fluid state while
in transit and during unloading.

Loads-in/empties-out operations can be modeled with the Deluxe Glacier Gravel
(933-3703) kit, which simulates the rock crusher/washer found at quarries. Rock
can be moved here with the Heavy-Duty Wheel Loader (933-3162) and Terex Dump
Truck (933-3162).

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