The Tortoise(TM) Switch Machine pkg(6), All ScalesThe Tortoise(TM) Switch Machine pkg(6), All Scales
Circuitron CIR9206 Opto-Sensor pkg(6)
Circuitron CIR6312 Smail(TM) Terminal Block -- pkg(12)
Circuitron CIR6212 Smail(TM) 12-Pack -- Turnout, Accessory and Signal Actuator with Internal Drivers and DCC
Circuitron CIR1302 End-Of-Train Flasher -- Red Light
Circuitron CIR9610 Push Button, All Scales
Circuitron CIR9506 Printed Circuit Mounting Track, All Scales
Circuitron CIR9150 Speaker 2-1/4" (8 ohm), All Scales

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