Walthers 933-3197 Industrial Tanks Detail Set HO

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With this exciting collection of HO structure parts, it's easy to design and
build almost any brick industrial structure your layout needs.

Each set comes with parts for a specific area of a building. Unlike
traditional structure kits or assembled models, YOU choose the location of
doors, loading docks, windows, roof style and more.

Whether you're just getting started or have been modeling for years, you'll
achieve outstanding results with Cornerstone Modulars because each piece is
engineered for perfect fit and alignment to make assembly easy. Each set
also includes basic assembly instructions with loads of illustrations and
modeling tips.

Just mix and match walls, doors, windows and details from the various sets -
no complicated kitbashing or cutting is needed to create a one-of-a-kind
industry for your layout.

Parts come molded in realistic brick, window and door, concrete or roof
colors so no painting is needed. But as separate parts, it's a snap to
custom-paint your project if you want to.

Best of all, you can use leftover parts with your next building and securely
store them in the reclosable plastic packages until they're needed.

* Parts for Six Complete Tanks: 3 Horizontal Styles 3
Vertical Styles

* "Concrete" Supports

* Detailed Manways

* Easy to Assemble

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