Tor-6000 Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Machine 1 Pack

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The TORTOISE Slow Motion Switch Machine is the most popular and respected switch machine in the US. 3 second throw, bulletproof stall motor design, DPDT contacts, simple under-layout installation. Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 3 1/4
Patented, Advanced Technology Design!
  • Lowest Current Drain Switch Machine Available (4 ma. during operation, 15 ma. at stall).
  • Motor stalls at each end of throw- No Cut off Contacts Necessary.
  • Precision Engineered Gear-Drive Mechanism (superior to screw-drive machines).
  • Enclosed construction.
  • Constant Tension on the Switch Points.

Ultra-Simple Mounting!

  • No Additional Brackets or Linkage Necessary.
  • Fulcrum adjusts for use in all Scales - Z to G.
Prototypical Slow Motion Action!
  • 3 Seconds to Complete Throw.

Convenient Auxiliary Contacts!

  • 2 Sets SPDT Provided for Powering the Frog or Signals

Simplified Wiring!

Also Ideal for Grade Crossing Gates and semaphores!

Unprecedented 9 Year Warranty!

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