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The Toyota AB phaeton was a vehicle first produced in 1936 and it was part of
the line started by the famed Japanese makers first mass-produced car: the AA.
The AB shared much of its design with the AA, such as the 3.4-liter inline-6
engine and body lines influenced heavily by U.S. road cars. Where it differed
from the AA, however, was in its folding cloth roof, movable front windscreen
and front-hinged doors. In fact, with war breaking out so soon after its initial
production, the vast majority of ABs never made it into private owners hands
but was rather sent for military use. They were painted in khaki and were often
used as staff cars. 353 Toyota ABs were manufactured up until the end of WWII.

The Tamiya model faithfully captures all of the details of the full-size subject
thanks to extensive research of surviving samples left over from the war.

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