Tamiya 35322 ISRAELI M1 SUPER SHERMAN 1:35

TamiyaSKU: TAM00035322


Over 50,000 Shermans of all types were produced during WWII. The Shermans
which the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) initially procured from various sources
were a mix of different variants featuring different hulls, turrets,
suspensions, and armaments. However, Israel was eventually able to negotiate the
purchase of about 250 M4A1 and M4A3 Shermans from France, and these were armed
with the M1A1/A2 76.2mm main gun which could better counter the Arab armies'
Russian made T-34-85s. Shermans were also produced with two different types of
suspension: VVSS (Vertical Volute Spring Suspension) and HVSS (Horizontal Volute
Spring Suspension). The latter offered better performance and the IDF eventually
modified their tanks to the HVSS standard. Thus the IDF designated its 76.2mm
gun-armed HVSS-equipped Shermans as M1 Super Shermans and many of these saw
their first action during the Sinai Campaign in 1956.

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