Tamiya 31613 USS MISSOURI BB-63 1:700

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The Iowa Class Battleships were the largest and final great battleships of the
US Navy. They included the BB-61 Iowa, the BB-62 New Jersey, and the third ship,
the famous BB-63 Battleship Missouri. These ships, which boasted an amazing
212,000hp allowing a 33knots max speed, were armed with massive 40.6cm main
guns. The Iowa Class ships stretched 270.4m but were relatively thin, with only
33m max length, enabling these ships to pass through the Panama Canal. Being
commissioned in June 1944, the USS Missouri took part in many operations during
the Pacific War including bombardments on Japanese mainland and capital. On
September 2, 1945, the treaty for the unconditional surrender of Japanese forces
was signed onboard the deck of the historical USS Missouri. With the outbreak of
the Korean War in June 1950 the USS Missouri was deployed again with the other
Iowa Class Battleships for fire support. The USS Missouri was relegated to
reserve duty in 1955, but became subject to complete renovation and
modernization in 1986 when she was fitted with the latest in electronic weapon
systems, cruise missiles and other improvements. In 1991, the USS Missouri was
deployed to fight in the Gulf War. Finally, in 1993, after about a half-century
of service, this historical Battleship was at last retired.

About the model

  • A plastic assembly kit of the U.S. Navy
    Battleship Missouri.
  • 1/700 scale
  • Overall length: 386.5mm
  • Overall width: 47mm
  • The long and narrow form of USS Missouri's hull
    has been accurately replicated.
  • Missouri's characteristics such as the main
    structure coupled with the front funnel have been reproduced.
  • The hull has been divided in two halves in
    order to reproduce the finest details.
  • The finest details of the main structure and
    the masts have been accurately recreated.
  • The main turrets can rotate after completion
    via polycap.
  • Equipment such as armament including 40mm and
    20mm guns are sharply reproduced.
  • Kit includes two types of floatplanes, Vought
    OS2U Kingfishers and Curtiss SC-1 Seahawks.

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