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One of the largest carriers of WWII, Shinano was originally planned to be the
third installment of Yamato class battleships. The construction of this
monstrous vessel was started soon after the Japanese defeat at Midway and was
completed on Nov. 19, 1944. Its overall length stretched to 266m and it
displaced 62,000t. It was well protected with heavily armored sides, inherited
from Yamato, and a reinforced flight deck able to withstand the direct blast of
a 500kg bomb. On its way to be fitted out however, it was spotted and torpedoed
by an American submarine, later capsizing off the shores of Shionomisaki.

Specs & Features

  • This is the 1/700 assembly model kit of Shinano, the massive carrier,
    which was sunk only ten days after being put into commission.
  • The unique hull design of Yamato and Musashi was passed down to Shinano,
    and has been accurately molded.
  • The hangar under the flight deck has also been recreated, and can be
    equipped with aircraft.
  • Both the front and rear aircraft elevators can be modeled in the raised or
    lowered position.
  • The bridge, sloping funnel, and steam pipes have also been modeled with
    the utmost attention to detail.
  • Kit also features accurate molding of rocket launchers, powerful
    anti-aircraft guns, and other powerful weapons of Shinano.
  • Kit includes 32 aircraft, including the Ryusei. Since aircraft are molded
    in clear plastic, leaving the cabin portion unpainted produces a realistic

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