Tamiya 31114 MUSASHI BATTLESHIP 1:700

TamiyaSKU: TAM00031114


Musashi, named after the ancient Japanese Musashi Province, was a battleship of
the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, and flagship of the Japanese
Combined Fleet. She was the second ship of the Yamato class. She and her
sister-ship, Yamato, were the largest and heaviest battleships ever constructed,
displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load, and armed with nine 46-cm (18.1-inch)
main guns. Constructed from 19381941 and formally commissioned in the summer of
1942, Musashi served as the flagship of Admirals Isoroku Yamamoto and Mineichi
Koga in 1943. Throughout 1943, Musashi transferred continuously between the
naval bases at Truk Lagoon, Kure and Brunei in response to American airstrikes
on Japanese island bases. Musashi was sunk on 24 October 1944 by American
carrier aircraft, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Specs & Features

  • Ready to
    assemble precision model kit.

  • Highly detailed

  • Several
    different guns included for armament.

  • Includes crane
    and flag.

  • Unassembled
    float planes included.

  • Lifeboats

  • Metal piece
    included for flotation assistance.

  • Colorful
    instruction sheet which shows painting schemes.

  • Waterslide

  • Detailed
    pictorial instructions.

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