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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V won the 1998 WRC Manufacturer's Title, and T.
Makinen earned the Driver's Title in the same year. The continuing refinement of
the car for the 1999 Rally season led to the development of the Evolution VI.

The street car version of the Evolution VI was announced in January, 1999 and
utilizes the experience derived from rallying. The first modifications centered
on the aggressive exterior. On the right side of the bumper, the oil cooler air
intake was enlarged and an air outlet on the right side was created to improve
efficiency. To improve the radiator airflow, the license plate was offset to the
left. The rear spoiler is a delta type twin wicker with an adjustable angle on
the upper wing, this increases downforce for extra stability. Reliable, abundant
power is provided by the 4G63 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine with an intercooled
turbocharger. Power is transferred through a full-time 4WD transmission to the
wheels, the front features a helical limited slip differential, the center is
equipped with a viscous LSD, the rear has an Active Yaw Control differential.
The front wheels are suspended on Macpherson struts, the rear use multi-links.

Additional high performance features were incorporated into the car, resulting
in an exceptional vehicle with superior handling. Mitsubishi generously endowed
the Lancer Evolution VI with their know-how and experience, creating a rally
capable sports car.

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