WalthersProto 920-900 Pennsylvania Railroad Merchandise Service Freight Train -- Pennsylvania Railroad Set #1; 12 - Cars 40' X29b Rebuilt Boxcars, 1 - N6B Wood Caboose, 13 - Car Set, HO

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While the Pennsylvania handled a formidable volume of less-carload-lot (LCL) freight traffic, increasing competetion from trucking companies and arch-rival new York Central led to the introduction of dedicated Merchandise Service in the late 1940s. Running on expedited schedules, trains could cover the 900 miles between New York and Chicago in 32 hours.
Newly Tooled X29b Boxcar! First time available as a WalthersProto Model!
As part of the upgrades, Pennsy launched a major rebuilding program for its signature X29 boxcars, resulting in a larger capacity car with a bigger body mounted on the original underframe, classified as the X29b. These rebuilt cars left the shops with a distinct paint and lettering scheme that prominently advertised the service. Although gradually folded into Truc-Train piggyback operations, many of the X29bs wore their colorful paint schemes for years afterward, remaining in general freight service.

  • All-new tooling!
  • First time as a WalthersProto model!
  • Body features correct 10'6" Intreior height, modernized roof, ends and doors
  • Separately applied ladders, grab irons and other details
  • Correct size RP-25 metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

Special N6B Cabin Cars included only in Sets! Protecting the trains were the road's traditional N6B wood cabin cars (cabooses), which were sometimes handled in mid-train to expedite pick ups and set outs en route. Features of these models include:

  • In service 1913 to late 1960s - several preserved today
  • Perfect for steam and diesel-era freight operations
  • Authentic Pennsylvania design
  • Over 30 factory-applied details including grab irons, bracing, underbody, interior and more
  • Sloped-side cupola in centered position
  • Fully assembled, ready for service
  • Correct Trucks
  • Correct 36" RP-25 wheels
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

WalthersProto FP7-F7B Power Dual-Service Diesels

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