BLI 7376 AAR 70-ton Triple Hopper, NYC, 4-PACK, HO


We are proud to introduce Broadway Limited's newest HO scale freight car project - AAR 70-ton 3-bay hopper cars.  These hoppers were everywhere on the railroads - at their peak they made up about 6% of all open hoppers, and approximately 1.5% of the entire North American freight car fleet.  The first of these cars appeared in the late 1930's, and several were still in service in the 1980's! 

In all, over 33,000 cars were built to this design, by numerous manufacturers and for over 30 railroads.  The cars were used to transport coal, gravel, coke, and other bulk commodities across North America.  In our first production, we are offering 4-packs and single cars detailed and decorated for 8 major railroads, and we will also offer Unlettered cars painted Oxide Red or Black.  See below for more model features!

Model Features:

  • Model accurately scaled from prototype blueprints

  • Fine rivet detail throughout interior and exterior

  • Wire grab irons

  • Separate brake line and brake hoses

  • Two brake housing options - Ajax and Miner

  • Three brake wheel options applied appropriately - Ajax, Miner, and Modern

  • Two newly-tooled 70-ton trucks - solid bearing and roller bearing

  • Improved truck mounting design

  • Brake shoe and brake beam detail on trucks

  • Metal wheelsets feature prototypical wheel face contours

  • Factory equipped with metal Kadee-compatible knuckle couplers

  • Removable ABS coal load.  Detailed and decorated interior.

  • Prototypically accurate decoration

  • 4-packs contain four uniquely numbered cars

  • Fine printing accurately reproduces builders' stencils, trust lettering, repack data, and other minor lettering

  • Brake test stencil data printed on brake reservoir where appropriate

  • Reporting marks on center sill where appropriate

  • CN car features bilingual roadname as well as 1970s-era ACI label and consolidated stencil

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