MTH Electric Trains 40-1057 RealTrax - O-54 Half Curve Track, O Scale

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At M.T.H. we believe a track system should allow your model railroad empire to grow. The RealTrax system includes 72 different components for maximum expansion capabilites. You'll find bridges, curves of all sizes, elevated and graduated trestles, crossovers, and every straight and curved configuration you'll need to create your own model railroad empire. And every piece of RealTrax is rugged, realistic, and reliable so you can have fun running your trains.


Because most toy train empires begin on a carpet or floor, RealTrax is designed to hold up to the rigors of childhood play. Strong snap-together connections make it easy to assemble or change a layout in minutes. And the built-in roadbed helps keep dirt on the floor away from the wheels and gears of your trains.


With its realistic crossties and ballasted roadbed, RealTrax looks like the mainline track used by heavy freights and high-speed passenger trains. Unlike older O gauge track with a round cross section, RealTrax uses flat-top "T"-rail like a real railroad.


Nickel silver rail ensures that RealTrax will never rust. Spring-loaded phosphor bronze contacts provide superior electrical connections between track sections. The contacts are spring loaded to maintain a solid connection over time and are highly resistant to corrosion of any kind. Similar materials are used in many electrical connections around your home, such as lamps, battery-operated appliances, and electrical outlets.

Did You Know?

  • It takes EIGHT sections of O-31 RealTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes TWELVE sections of O-42 RealTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes SIXTEEN sections of O-54 RealTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes SIXTEEN sections of O-72 RealTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes SIXTEEN sections of O-82 RealTrax Curves To Make A Circle
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