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Model Railroader Associate Editor Cody Grivno compiles insider tips and
projects from Model Railroader as well as favorite projects from his Codys
Office online feature into one exciting volume. Easily recognized as an expert
in the model railroad community, Cody covers tools, painting and decaling,
weathering, track and wiring, structures, scenery, locomotives, and freight cars
in his friendly, knowledgeable style.

Cody Grivno, host of "Cody's Office" on ModelRailroader.com, is an associate
editor with Model Railroader magazine. A native of Crookston, MN, Cody has been
interested in trains as long as he can remember.

Tools and adhesives

-Put together a basic tool kit. Jim Hediger

-Select tools that bend, grip, and cut. Terry Thompson

-Get a grip on glues and adhesives. Jim Hediger

-Glue structures using braces and jigs. Cody Grivno

Track and wiring

-Ballast track easily. Cody Grivno

-Work with curved thrnouts. Jim Hediger

-Use magnetic couplers. Andy Sperandeo

-Tune up turnouts. Jim Hediger

-Use connectors for easier layout wiring. Jim Hediger

-Wire a layout for two-train operation. Neil Besougloff

-Shape and install spike-head feeders. Andy Sperandeo

-Solder wire and track feeders. Jim Hediger


-Scratchbuild a station from drawings. Cody Grivno

-Make simple hoses. Cody Grivno

-Model a weather-beaten structure. Cody Grivno

-Put a big industry in a small space. Cody Grivno

-Glaze windows with adhesive. Cody Grivno

-Cast your own wall sections. Andy Sperandeo

-Cut door and window openings. Cody Grivno

-Kitbash large modular structures. Jim Hediger

Locomotives and freight cars

-Perform rolling stock checkups. Jim Hediger

-Service locomotives. Jim Hediger

-Open handrail holes with reamers. Cody Grivno

-Remove and replace molded details. Cody Grivno

-Install a distinctive nose bell. Jim Hediger

-Clean locomotive wheels. Cody Grivno

-Repair and paint acetal handrails. Cody Grivno


-Add mounting pins to fence sections. Cody Grivno

-Make a forest of puff-ball trees. Neil Besougloff and David Popp

-Uncover the basics of ground cover. Cody Grivno

-Create a quiet grade crossing. Cody Grivno

-Cast rocks in place. Cody Grivno

-Add gravel parking lots and roads. Cody Grivno

-Model water with two-part resin. Cody Grivno

-Build a ballasted-deck bridge. Cody Grivno

-Install modern car-stopping devices. Cody Grivno

Painting and decaling

-Learn the basics of airbrushing. Cody Grivno

-Loosen paint jar caps. Cody Grivno

-Airbrush models with acrylic paint. Cody Grivno

-Paint yellow boxcars. Cody Grivno

-Tint turn signals and taillights. Cody Grivno

-Detail with different brands of decals. Cody Grivno

-Model patch out freight cars. Cody Grivno


-Weather and string line poles. Cody Grivno

-Create hard-working diesel locomotives. Cody Grivno

-Re-letter and weather steam engines. Cody Grivno

-Make couplers look realistic. Cody Grivno

-Produce great ghost lettering. Cody Grivno

-Add grime with an airbrush. Cody Grivno

-Apply washes with artist's oils. Cody Grivno

-Weather with powdered pastels. Cody Grivno

-Simulate rust with makeup applicators. Cody Grivno

-Drybrush different weathering effects. Cody Grivno

Associate Editor of Model Railroader magazine, Cody Grivno has

compiled tips and projects from the monthly publication, as well as favorites
from his Codys Office online feature, into a new

softbound volume from Kalmbach Books.

Workshop Tips & Projects is a collection of basic advice and helpful projects,
plus expert how-to tips for tools, painting and

decaling, weathering, track and wiring, locomotives, scenery, and more. Cody
Grivnos many years of model railroading

experience delivers quick projects, interesting tips, and creative solutions
that will help modelers get the most from their layout.

-Model Railroad News magazine

Workshop Tips & Projects for Model Railroaders provides wide range of tips to
improve layouts for model railroads, and includes original projects from the
pages of Model Railroader and his own online video series "Cody's Office." Any
entering the world of modeling will find this a fine hobby book that offers
specific projects, from gluing structures using braces and jigs to model
patching, to accompany insider tips on how to achieve the best results. Color,
close-up step-by-step photos along the way provide clear explanations while
first-person notes chart the progress of each model proejct. The result is a
lively, revealing project book recommended for all levels of rail modelers, from
beginners to advanced hobbyists!

-The Midwest Book Review

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