Kadee #513 A.S.F. 100-ton Roller Bearing Trucks, HO

KadeeSKU: KDE00000513


A.S.F. 100-ton Roller Bearing Trucks

Metal Fully Sprung Equalized Trucks


Mounts with a #2 or 2-56 screw. Mounting Screws not Included.

The ASF 100-ton Roller Bearing Truck is from the modern diesel era. It has
standard 36 inch wheels and a longer wheel base than the 50 or 70 ton roller
bearing trucks. Our model is a faithful reproduction of the American Steel
Foundries Ride Control truck. This truck is currently in use under a variety
of rolling stock in North America.

Truck Features

Code 110 (.110) 36" smooth back wheels

Accurate markings

Incredible detail True to prototype

Non-magnetic Metal wheels

Highly Flexible sprung trucks

Metal SideFrames & Fully Sprung Bolster

Smooth tracking Free rolling Contoured Insulated Axles

RP-25 Free rolling wheels

Patent number 5,768,999

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