JT's Mega-Steam b-Gone Cleaner 2 oz dropper bottle


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When Spills Happen...Reach for b-Gone

Sooner or later everyone has a smoke fluid spill, a finger print, or a smudge on
their locomotive or rolling stock. As careful as we are...it happens. Mega-Steam
is pleased to announce that we have come up with the perfect solution to clean
those spills, finger prints, smudges, etc., and, above all it is safe on plastic
and metal. It will not harm the finish, paint, or decals. Our new product is
environmentally friendly and safe and contains no harmful chemicals. And, it
even comes in dark green bottles so that it is not to be confused with our smoke
fluid line of products. We even provide a convenient pump-spray bottle. (larger
refill bottles are available.) Don't risk cleaning your trains with harsh
chemicals or solvents...choose b-Gone!

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