Digitrax 10003 RX4 4-Zone Transponding Receiver Add-on for BDL Series Detectors

DigitraxSKU: DTX00010003


The RX4 is a 4 zone transponder detector for use with Digitrax occupancy
detection systems. The RX4 enables you to not only see what blocks are occupied
but also identifies what is there.

RX4 Features:

  • Know the layout zone location of transponder-equipped locos and rolling
    rolling stock
  • Each RX4 handles 4 transponding zones
  • Low current pulses wont interfere with DCC decoders or other track signals
  • Can be used in conjunction with other means of occupancy detection to
    customize your layout's feedback system
  • Works with most DCC compatible systems
  • Can be adapted to work with other command control systems as well
  • Location and identification information is updated continuously on LocoNet
  • Location Information can be configured to be displayed on a track diagram
  • No modification of existing equipment required, just add the transponding
    components and you're ready to go.
  • More features than any other method of "bi-directional" communication.

Note: RX4s must be used in conjunction with a Digitrax BDL16 series occupancy
detector to function.


For Use With

BDL168, BDL162, BDL16

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