Deluxe Materials Ltd AD84 Ballast Bond Liquid Adhesive -- 17oz 500mL

Deluxe Materials LtdSKU: 806-AD84


Deluxe Materials Ballast Bond is a super thin, ready-mixed adhesive for gluing track ballast, coal and similar materials quickly and easily. Spreads and penetrates rapidly without moving the material. White when wet so you can see where you're working; dries to a clear, flat finish.
Deluxe Materials Ballast Bond is ideal for affixing ballast and scatter material-type scenery to your layout. Easy-to-use and rapid spreading through capillary action, this super-thin liquid cement dries with a clear matte finish. Simply position your ballast or granular scenery material such as leaves, foliage or grass, and gently apply Ballast Bond from the bottle. Fine Roket Glue Tips (806-AC20) are available separately aid precise application.

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