City Classics Buildings 962 Window Awning Set -- 5/8" 1.6cm Wide pkg(12), HO

City ClassicsSKU: CIT00000962


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City Classics was founded in 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA by Jim Sacco. City
Classics offers a variety of HO and N scale structure kits and accessories. The
structures include commercial, industrial and residential buildings. They also
offer Window Dressings and signs for finishing your structures. City Classics
corner braces help in assembling kits of any scale and to reinforce them after

Our all new injection-molded window awnings are now available! They come in five
different widths to fit most common sizes of HO scale windows. They're easy to
assemble, paint and glue into place. All you do is fold down the sides and
front, apply some plastic cement and you're done! They are sturdier than paper,
won't lose their shape and don't require tedious cutting and folding. Not to
mention that they are a great finishing touch to almost any building!

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