Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machines 5615 TC-3 TORTOISE TURNOUT CONTROL

CircuitronSKU: TOR00005615


Automatically activates Tortoise switch machine when used with detection unit. Two drive inputs control direction. Only momentary inputs are required; can be used for pushbutton or matrix control. Requires 12-18V DC.

N: The CIRCUITRON TC-3 and TC-4 will provide automatic activation of the

TORTOISE Switch Machine when used in conjunction with a CIRCUITRON Detection
Circuit such as the DT-4.

Both units may be powered from any 12-18 volt DC source and the output terminals
directly connect to the

TORTOISE machine.

The TC-3 has two control terminals and may be used to independently control both
directions of a turnout. In

this way, the output from one detection circuit may be used to throw the
TORTOISE one way, and the output

of another detection circuit used to throw it back. The TC-3 is also ideal as an
interface circuit when it is

desired to activate TORTOISE Switch Machines from momentary panel pushbuttons or
through diode matrix

control. One TC-3 is required for each TORTOISE to be thus controlled.

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