Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machines 5201 DT-1 GRADE CROSSING DETECTOR

CircuitronSKU: CIR5201


Specifically deigned for use at grade crossings, using Opto-Sensors to detect
the train. Output controls flasher, gates, bells, etc.

Detects train when an Opto-Sensor is covered. Senses track polarity and
activates only the Opto-Sensors for the direction of travel. Always turns off
after the last piece of rolling stock clears the crossing. Includes four
Opto-Sensors. Requires an Alternating Flasher Unit to operate flashing lamps.
Note: DT-1 cannot detect a short train or loco if it falls between Opto-Sensors.
Use in any scale with DC track power. 2 x 3" printed circuit board. 10-18V AC or
DC input.

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