Bar Mills 762 BAIT BARGE, HO

Bar MillsSKU: BAR00000762


This little gem is a re-imagineered version of a boat that served fisherman off the shore of Fort Lauderdale one fall when we were taking a Florida vacation. The deal was this... incoming fishing boats would sell-off their scrap fish parts to the bait boat, while outgoing vessels (like the one I was on) purchased them on their trips out of the harbor.  Pretty nifty.

Anyhow, when we ran across an old ink drawing of a simple barge with a cabin on it the Ft. Lauderdale trip came to mind and the Bait Boat Barge was born.

This one will take a little more time to do than you might think... with the exception of the one-piece resin hull there is a lot of board-on-board this time around... and with a small foot print of 4"x 1.5", it's sure to make any waterfront scene very cool indeed !

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