Bar Mills 172 Witzinger's Washboards Building Kit, HO

Bar MillsSKU: BAR00000172


If you're building a model layout (and not just a diorama) you may find this kit attractive in more than one way.
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This is the second in our line of "false-front" buildings... all the detail,
character & charm of a "regular" building, but in half the space !Typically we
like to design backdrop buildings so they are "tall", (no sense in burying one
behind the stuff in front of it), we also like to keep the "detail" up-high.. (a
ground floor sign or details wouldn't be seen seen if you placed the building
towards the rear of your layout anyway)... and "Witzinger's" is designed with
these concepts in mind. This kit is really a 2-3 night project, the wood is
laser-cut, the windows are plastic, and the detailing is minimal. We have
introduced our new "slate shingles" with this kit... we love the things, we
think you will too !

Dementions: Length 6.37 X 2 inches

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