Atlas 70000233 40' Mobile Office Container - Assembled -- Aries (gray, maroon), N Scale

AtlasSKU: 150-70000233


Prototypes for the Atlas N Scale 40' Mobile Office Container fulfill the need for portable, on demand office space at construction sites, railroad yards and many other places. Companies offer purpose-built and/or converted shipping containers for rent. These containers are fitted with office interiors, entry doors, lighting as well as air conditioning and other creature comforts. They are very versatile and are seen virtually everywhere there's a need for temporary or portable office space. This model features accurate doorway, window and light fixture (nonoperating) details, including separately applied air conditioning units and electrical equipment housings and conduits, plus fine decoration.

 All New Tooling
 Accurate Doorway, Window and Light Fixture detail
 Separately applied parts include air conditioner units and electrical equipment
 Crisp Painting and Decoration

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