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Ever since the invention of the internet, the world's a smaller, more accessible place. People with similar interests have found each other. The "connectivity" of the web also allows people to more easily start and further the progression of new hobbies, and model railroading has found its place in the stream. Factory Direct Hobbies' online hobby shop is the premiere place for all things model trains and hobbies.

Discount Model Trains and More

Discount Model Trains

From discount model trains in HO scale, N scale, or O gauge, to scenery pieces by companies like Woodland Scenics, hobby tools and unfinished model kits, there is something for everyone here and our catalog is constantly growing to accommodate new products.

Model railroading has appeal to each and every one of us on some level. The fine detail and level of inherent realism will appeal to those who lean towards perfection and prototypical modeling. The engineer in us will appreciate the sometimes complicated scenic infrastructure that must be built to truly simulate Horse Shoe Curve. From railroad crossings and semaphores to DCC decoders and systems, there is no shortage of things to do, see, touch, tinker with and enjoy in model railroading.

Collecting for and building a model train layout doesn't have to be costly. The more your passion grows for the hobby, the more you will tend to spend, but this does not mean you are locked into hundred dollar or thousand dollar train sets. If you are serious about getting into this hobby, we have discount model trains with which you can begin your layout and you can then work your way up to the more intricately designed and more technologically cutting edge products like Broadway Limited Imports and Athearn locomotives.

Through Factory Direct Hobbies' online hobby shop there is absolutely no shortage of discounted trains, locomotives, scenery sets and other excellent model railway accessories that will help you get on your way to developing the model railroad of your dreams, bringing your childhood passion to life. We are working hard to connect you with all of the greatest prototypically designed trains in a variety of different scales