PREORDER Athearn ATH-2086 HO ATH KW Tractor, Monfort #397

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  • Molded cab interior with separately applied steering wheel
  • Clear window glazing
  • Rubber tires
  • Factory assembled with many detail parts applied


Athearn’s Kenworth model reflects the 1972 Kenworth version with larger windows, corresponding narrower vent windows, and lever-style door handles re-positioned to the bottom of the doors. In addition to offering company-owned trucks, Athearn also offers the models in a range of colorful schemes with no corporate markings.

Known as Owner Operator rigs, drivers who own and maintain their own truck and trailer take great pride in their appearance. Often these are customized with a unique paint and are typically devoid of any logos or identification numbers. These for-hire truckers will often run Hot Shot loads of time sensitive or high value commodities across the country while also showing up at loading docks of big name corporations to small rural businesses.

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