Central Valley Models 1903 72'PLATE GIRDER BRIDGE (Single track), HO Scale


This highly detailed injection-molded styrene kits fill a long over due need in
model railroading. Until now, only very primitive or absolutely Toy versions
of this common and widely used bridge type has been available in any scale. Now,
exciting, super detailed plate girder bridges are available featuring easy
assembly and reasonable cost.

This bridge incorporate the following features and specifications:

  1. 72 ft. HO scale. (approximately 10 inches)

  2. Center to center on double track = 2 5/16.

  3. Molded bridge tie sections.

  4. One piece floor frame. (Open type)

  5. Can be built as open frame or ballast type.

  6. Detailed for any angle of view - thousands of rivets.

  7. Injection molded styrene offers limitless Kit Bashing opportunities.

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