Academy Models 13554 Russian T-34/85 "Ural Tank kit 1:35

Academy ModelsSKU: ACD00013554


Plastic model kit, assembly required. Glue, paint and finishing supplies not included.

WWII Soviet medium tank
85mm ZiS-S 53 main gun and DT machine gun
Semi-connected tracks
Select from 8 markings
Photo etched parts included

T-34-85, 1st Polish armored Corps, Czechoslovakia, 1945
T-34-85, 36th Guards Tank Brigade, Yugoslavia, 1944
T-34/85, Austrian Army, 1955
T-34-85, Red Army, Port Arthur, 1945
T-34-85, KPA, 1950s
T-34-85, 7th Guards tank Corps, berlin, 1945
Beutepanzer T-34/85(r), 1.Kompanie, 9.Pz. Rgt.25.Pz-Div near Frankenau, Germany, in Feb. or March 1945
T-34-85, 3rd Byelorussian Front, East Russia, 1945

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