Walthers SceneMaster 949-2412 35' Fluted-Side Trailer 2-Pack - Assembled -- Southern Pacific(TM)(silver, red, black), HO

WalthersSKU: 949-2412


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Detail highways, loading and shipping docks, piggyback flats and terminals, and
more in minutes with these 35' Fluted-Side Trailer Two-Packs from Walthers
SceneMaster. Highly detailed and finished in colorful period paint and lettering
schemes, 40' trailers were the backbone of trucking and railroad fleets from the
late 1940s to early 1960s. Parts are included for two complete trailers, and
each can be assembled with the landing gear in either the up or down position,
perfect for over-the-road scenes, or as loads aboard WalthersMainline 75' or 53'
Piggyback Flatcars, each sold separately.

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