Walthers SceneMaster 949-1181 Pine Trees pkg(10) -- 5-1/2 to 7-3/8" 14 to 18cm w/Pin Base, All Scales

WalthersSKU: 949-1181


Product Information

Put new greenery in your scenery with layout-ready SceneMaster Trees! Choose from a wide range of types and colors featuring:
  • Ideal for HO, N, TT and Z Scales
  • Fully assembled, ready to plant anywhere along your railroad
  • Perfect for new or existing scenery
  • Sturdy, flexible plastic tree form
  • Trunks feature realistic texture and gray-brown color
  • Makes foreground or any highly visible scene more realistic
  • Push-in pin base for fast and easy installation anywhere
  • Blends easily with existing scenery
  • Two realistic colors of foliage on every tree
    • Check out the growing line of SceneMaster scenery materials to add realism to your layout!

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