Walthers SceneMaster 949-1126 Tear & Plant Meadow Mat - 8-5/8 x 7-7/8" 21.9 x 20cm -- Spring Meadow, All Scales

WalthersSKU: 949-1126


Product Information

Walthers SceneMaster ready-to-use Tear and Plant Meadow Mats are perfect for adding longer grass in medium and large areas. They're available in realistic seasonal colors and can be used to simulate meadows in HO, N, O or larger scales. The mats are flexible for use on uneven terrain and are easily cut or torn to fit your scene's available space. Each mat includes fiber and flocking in varied seasonal colors for realism. Use the Tear and Plant Meadow Mats along with other to add realism to your layout!
  • A realistic grass meadow in minutes!
  • Easily cut or torn into smaller pieces or to fit you available space
  • Great for adding long grass to medium and large areas
  • Flexible for easy use on uneven terrain
  • Ready to use
  • Varied colors and flocking for added realism
  • Includes 10 individual grass tufts too!
  • Flexible transparent base blends into existing scenery


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