Walthers 933-2922 Wood Coaling Tower Kit, HO

WalthersSKU: 933-2922


7-1/2 x 6-1/2 x 10-5/8" 19.5 x 16.5 x 26.9cm
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* Detailed Parts Simulate Timber Construction * Use with other
Engine Service Facility Structures * Must-Have For Steam-Era Layouts

No. 76 is running late today and its engineer, Floyd, is trying to make up time.
Fireman Charley is working nonstop, heaving shovel after shovel of coal into the
firebox to keep the 2-6-2 Prairie traveling at 60 mph over the Kansas plains.
Just outside of Lawrence they roll to a stop to refill the nearly empty tender.
As soon as Floyd jockeys the locomotive into position, Charley climbs up and
grabs the dangling chain and a fresh load of coal tumbles down the chute into
the tender. Echoing off the steel chamber, it sounds like a stampeding herd of
the buffalo once common on the plains. When the tender is full, another yank on
the chain sends the chute back up to its resting place, ready for the next
hungry locomotive. Floyd releases a burst of steam and the engine chugs up the
track to take on water and sand. The rest stop is short and soon No. 76 is back
on track and back on time.

Coaling stations are a necessity for any steam-era layout. This wood tower is
ideal for a branch line terminal, junction or station scene. The detailed parts
simulate timber construction. Place it in the vicinity of a roundhouse,
turntable, water tank and sand tower and you'll have a complete engine servicing
facility for your railroad.

Servicing track centers are 2-1/2" 6.4cm Hoist track is 3-1/2" 8.9cm from
centerline of track under the tower.

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