Walthers 933-2902 Machine Shop, kit, HO

WalthersSKU: 933-2902


Kit - 13-5/8 x 8-3/4 x 5-1/8" 34.6 x 22.2 x 13cm

Machine Shop:

While most roads had one major backshop, making repairs at outlying terminals
was soon shown to be faster and more cost-effective. As new engine terminals
were built, most received a machine shop capable of handling just about any type
of repair that might be needed. This kit matches the design of the Modern
Roundhouse (933-2900, sold separately), and can be built as an attached or
freestanding building. It also includes a boiler house, which would supply
steam, electricity and compressed air to the entire facility. Large roll-up
doors can be built open or closed, and the baseplate has slots that accept
popular rail sizes.

Measures: Buildng: 13-5/8 x 8-3/4 x 5-1/8" 34 x 21.8 x 12.8cm Smokestack:
10-1/4" 25.6cm Tall

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