Tamiya 35158 U.S. M1A1 Abrams w/ Mine Plow Kit 1:35

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About the U.S. M1A1 Abrams with Mine Plow

Developed during the early 1980's, the M1 Abrams tank benefited from the latest
technological wonders of the time, giving it enormous advantage on any
battlefield. The turret, being very angular and squat, had a very roomy
interior. This angular design was combined with Chobham armor for excellent
protection against the kinetic energy from hollow charge projectiles. The hull
sides and rear panels are vertical, with only the front angled to deflect
anti-tank shots. The 1500 horsepower Avco-Lycoming AGT-1500 turbine engine
provides remarkable speed and maneuverability plus being regarded as one of the
quietest tank powerplants available today. During the mid 1980's the M1
underwent an improvement program to upgrade its 105mm gun to the type M256 120mm
smoothbore cannon. The armor at the frontal area of the lower hull front and
turret was also increased, and it was given the new designation of "M 1A1".
Other improvements are seen in the enlarged rear turret bustle stowage rack, a
new style crosswind sensor, a revised gunner's sightmount, plus reinforced
suspension and transmission unit. One of the more specialized pieces of
equipment utilized on this tank is a detachable plow for uncovering and
neutralizing mine fields. Land mines are a menacing problem for both humans and
vehicles during any conflict, and the operations of this specialized M1A1 helped
clear the way for troops following the tanks during the recent Gulf conflict.

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