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Premium Super Sports Car

Formula One-derived auto constructor McLaren Cars cooperated with
DaimlerChrysler to produce the Mercedes-Benz SLR, which debuted at the 2003
Frankfurt Motor Show. The long nose/short deck body is built of carbon composite
material, and a powered by an AMG tuned 5.5L V8 screw-type supercharger engine,
located in front position for optimum weight balance. Monstrous power output of
466.8 kw at BSOOrpm (626 hp) and 79.6kgm torque at 3250 - 5000 rpm is handled by
a 5-speed automatic transmission. The car Is capable of amazingly fast
acceleration and super-quick braking thanks to its massive carbon ceramic brake
discs and pop-up rear spoiler. The name SLR (Sports Light Racing) was originally
used on the 1955 sports radng car 300 SLR, and made a comeback with this
Benz-McLaren machine.

High-Class Model

This 195mm long model impressively reproduces the SLR's elongated form, which is
enabled by its

Hood opens
with 2-step hinge

front-mounted engine, a rarity among super sports cars. Accents such as front
hood fin, and horizontal fins on fender slits are depicted by separate parts.
Internal mechanisms reproduced by separate parts include supercharger and engine
air box, which are simple to attach yet add incredible realism. The luxurious

under panel

exhibits minutely detailed seats and dashboard controls. Gloss and matte-type
metal plated parts as well as metal transfers ensure high quality finish. After
assembly, the Gull-wing doors feature working

lettering depicted by metal transfers

hinges with metal shafts for realistic and smooth opening. Metal stays allow
doors to be posed in open position for full display of interior. The front hood
also opens with 2-step hinge, for range of movement just like the real car, and
allows display of exquisitely reproduced engine upper surface. Line this
gorgeous model alongside Tamiya's 1/24 scale Porsche Carrera GT and Enzo Ferrari
to showcase a fantastic lineup of 3 of the top premium supercars in the world!

Parts fit
together with precision accuracy for unbeatable realism

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