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Unveiled to the public in 1996, Honda's CBR 1100XX "Super Blackbird" has
brought the leading edge of motorcycle technology to a new height. Even though
it provides and awesome 165 horsepower output and a top speed exceeding 300km/h,
this super sport bike is not just about muscle. Its sleek, bullet-nosed wedge
shape styling was the result of the extensive wind tunnel testing. This
distinctive "piggy-back" combination headlights allow the Super Blackbird to
have an extremely narrow frontal aspect. The cowling, with purposefully
sculptured air intakes and outlets, contribute to achieve better aerodynamics,
whilst providing comfort and wind protection for the rider. At the heart of the
Super Blackbird lies the 1,137cc, liquid cooled inline four cylinder engine
which is compact and light in weight. By incorporating a dual-shaft balancer
system, this powerful unit revs up very smoothly, and annoying secondary
vibration is virtually eliminated. Thanks to the low vibration, the engine is
directly bolted to the dual-spar, triple box section aluminum frame without
using rubber mounts, obtaining even further overall rigidity. The entire
lightness, and excellent suspension system enable it to have outstanding agility
and maneuverability. Positive stopping power is obtained through Honda's
Dual-Combined Brake System, which actuates the front and rear brakes by either
pulling the hand lever or pressing the foot pedal. The CBR 1100XX Super
Blackbird has undoubtedly set new standards in every aspect of large
displacement sports motorcycles.

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