Tamiya 89641 GERMAN GUNNER & ACE PILOT Wwii, 1:16 Scale

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Following the release of Rommel and
German Infantryman (item 89629) earlier
this year Tamiya releases another two
popular 1/16 scale figures to 1/35 scale.
Featuring more detail than standard 1/
35 MM Series figures, these figures are
a collector"s delight.
In contrast to the earlier coats used by the German infantry, which featured a short dark green
collar, later production coats featured a large collar to protect the neck from the cold. The
collar color was also changed to field gray, the same color as the rest of the coat, for easy
production. Although initially produced in 100% wool, as the war continued more rayon was
used due to a lack of materials. The MG42 machine gun, the successor to the MG34, was
used from 1942. Firing 1,200 rounds/min, the MG42 was the fastest automatic gun used
throughout WWII.

  • Finely sculpted 1/35 scale figure featuring all the intricate detailing of the 1/16 scale original.
  • Figure is dressed in late-WWII greatcoat with MG42 machine gun carried on the shoulder.
  • Large collar and cuffs come as separate pieces, adding to overall appearance.

During WWII, the Luftwaffe uniform was a blue-gray, four pocket type. Some uniforms featured
an armband sewn onto the right sleeve to indicate the airforce division to which the pilot
belonged. Although Luftwaffe pilots wore overalls in the early stage of the war, during the
Battle of Britain most pilots wore a life jacket over their uniform. Fighter pilots were allowed
considerable freedom regarding their apparel, with personal items such as leather jumpers
and colorful scarves often worn.

  • Finely sculpted 1/35 scale figure featuring all the intricate detailing of the 1/16 scale original.
  • Figure dressed in uniform as worn during the Battle of Britain.
  • Figure has arms placed behind his back creating a natural pose.
  • Can be assembled with or without cap.

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