State Tool & Die 725 3-in-1 Open Top Hot Metal Car - Kit -- With Extended Ladle & Add-On Wings - Undecorated, HO Scale

State Tool & DieSKU: 661-725


Designed to move molten iron, the prototypes of 3-in-1 Open Top Hot Metal Cars were equipped with a different style of ladle which resembles a large bucket. These were very common at operations with pig casting machines, where the ladles were fitted with either single or double wings so they could be lifted and tipped for pouring. This easy-to-build kit includes injection-molded parts as well as appropriate trucks with metal wheels and Kadee(R) knuckle couplers. It also includes a ladle that can be built in the standard version (no wings), or with single or double wings for pig casting service. Complete instructions are included. This Open-Top Hot Metal Car will look great inside your mill complex among other State Tool and Die steel mill cars and accessories.

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