WalthersMainline 910-7856 59' Cylindrical Hopper - Ready to Run -- National Railways of Mexico NdeM #118525 (gray, black Script Lettering), HO

WalthersSKU: 910-7856


      • Moving grain and a variety of other bulk loads, these colorful WalthersMainline models of the popular 59' Cylindrical Hopper make it easy to model a complete unit train! Introduced in 1972 to handle grain and potash, the cars are based on prototypes built by National Steel Car with a capacity of 4550 cubic feet of cargo. They've worn a wide range of colorful paint and lettering schemes over the years, 59' Cylindrical Hoppers can still be found all across North America today.
        Nicely detailed, fully assembled and affordably priced to make it easy to expand your fleet, WalthersMainline 59' Cylindrical Hoppers feature:
        • One time run of these roadnumbers, order now - limited quantity available
        • Model of a National Steel Car 4550 cubic foot car
        • Fully assembled, ready to run
        • Thousands used in North American grain and potash service from 1972 to the present
        • Trough or round loading hatches as appropriate
        • Four different car numbers for each roadname
        • See-through running boards
        • Detailed brake gear, roof hatches and end ladders
        • Correct 36" RP-25 metal wheelsets
        • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

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