Kato 176-7040, GE AC4400CW Low Numberboards - Standard DC -- Union Pacific #6730 (Armour Yellow, gray, No Flag), N

KatoSKU: 381-1767040


Model Features:

    • Cab, Headlight, Inverter Cabinet, and Number Board details accurate for each prototype roadname

    • Models have directional headlights and lighted walkway-mounted ditch lights, as well as lighted Number Boards

    • Kato Magnetic Knuckle Couplers

    • Five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels for smooth operation

    • DCC-Friendly mechanism for easy drop-in of a DCC decoder, (compatible with Train Control Systems K1D4.)

Prototype Overview:

In 1994, GE delivered the first AC4400CW locomotive, their answer to EMD’s successful SD70MAC. Just 10 years later the AC4400CW had become one of the most successful locomotives in the history of North American railroading. The AC4400CW is operated by railroads from East to West and Canada to Mexico.

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