Osprey Publishing DAK 11 Dark Osprey The Cthulhu Wars

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From the Patriots' raid on the necromancer Joseph Curwen to the Special
Forces' assault on Leng in 2007, this unique document reveals the secret and
terrible struggle between the United States and the supernatural forces of
Cthulhu. In this war, immortal cultists worship other-dimensional entities
and plot to raise an army of the dead. Incomprehensible undersea
intelligences infiltrate and colonize American seaports, and alien races
lurk beneath the ice of Antarctica and high in the mountains of Afghanistan.
It is only through constant vigilance and violence that the earth has
surived. Also included are threat reports describing the indescribable -
humanity's deadliest foes serving Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones.
Strange times are upon us, the world is changing, and even death may die -
but, until then, the war continues.


For the last twenty years Kenneth Hite has worked as a full-time writer and
role-playing game designer, contributing to many famous games including
GURPS, Hero System, Vampire: The Dark Ages, and Savage Worlds. He has also
written or co-written numerous books on esoteric subjects such as Cthulhu
101 and Where the Deep Ones Are. Kennon C. Bauman is a professional analyst
whose writings on weird history, forteana, conspiracy theories, and
adventure gaming can be most frequently found at theIlluminerdy.com. Born
and raised in Malaysia, Darren Tan grew up drawing spaceships, dinosaurs and
the stuff of his imagination, which was fuelled by movies and computer
games. Inspired by these, he went on to study animation and later graduated
as a Computer Animator from Sheridan College, Canada. After a brief stint in
3D animation, he decided to trade in polygons for a wacom tablet. Now he
works as a digital concept artist at Imaginary Friends Studios and is
enjoying getting paid for his hobby.

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