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Zhukov was the dominant figure in the Red Army during World War II even
though his actual job title varied from day to day. Serving as a senior
General Staff representative from the Stavka, Zhukov moved from one critical
sector to the next, serving as advisor, coordinator and de facto front
commander as required. There is no doubt that Zhukov played a critical role
in salvaging the critical situation in the autumn of 1941 and leading the
Red Army to an amazing reversal of fortunes in 1942-43 and eventual victory
in 1944-45. However, Zhukov's methods were brutal and contributed to massive
Soviet casualties, while he continued to keep his hand in political affairs
as well. As the most recognized Soviet soldier of World War II, Zhukov's
post-war fall from grace was precipitous and it was not until the fall of
the Soviet Union that his reputation was restored. This book presents a
analysis of Zhukov's military career, highlighting the strategies and
tactics that made him such as successful military leader.


Robert Forczyk has a PhD in International Relations and National Security
from the University of Maryland and a strong background in European and
Asian military history. He retired as a lieutenant-colonel from the US Army
Reserves having served 18 years as an armour officer in the US 2nd and 4th
Infantry Divisions and as an intelligence officer in the 29th Infantry
Division (Light). Dr Forczyk is currently a consultant in the Washington, DC
area.Adam Hook studied graphic design, and began his work as an illustrator
in 1983. He specializes in detailed historical reconstructions, and has
illustrated Osprey titles on the Aztecs, the Greeks, several 19th-century
American subjects, and a number of books in the Fortress series. His work
features in exhibitions and publications throughout the world.

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