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The Russian Jaeger regiments and Napoleon's Young Guard clashed repeatedly
during the campaigns of 1812-14. The Russian Jaeger were light infantry who
gained enormous experience and prestige during the struggle to rid Europe of
Napoleon's armies, while the Young Guard was expanded to become the main
strike force of the French field armies. In appalling winter conditions in
1812, the Young Guard turned to confront their opponents, including Jaeger
forces, at Krasnyi. In the face of constant bombardment, Young Guard
regiments held off the Russians, covering the retreat of large parts of
Napoleon's forces. They clashed again at Leipzig in 1813 and then again in
the bitter cold at Craonne in 1814, where horrendous casualties finally told
on the newly formed Young Guard units pitched into an attack upon Russian
Jaeger regiments. Putting the reader in the shoes of the ordinary soldiers
of both sides, this absorbing book traces the evolving trial of strength
between Russia's Jaeger arm and France's Young Guardsmen at the height of
the Napoleonic Wars.


Laurence Spring, an expert on Napoleonic Russian uniforms, is the author of
Osprey's Warrior 51: Russian Grenadiers and Infantry 1799-1815 and several
other books on the Napoleonic Wars.



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