Osprey Publishing CAM 301 Campaign Operation Market-Garden 1944 (2) The British Airborne Missions

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With Germany being pushed back across Europe the Allied forces looked to
press their advantage with Operation Market-Garden, a massive airborne
assault that, if successful, could have shortened the war in the west
considerably. The ground advance consisted of an armoured thrust by the
British XXX Corps, while the US 82nd and 101st US Airborne Divisions secured
the bridges at Eindhoven and Nijmegen and the British 1st Airborne Division
and Polish 1st Airborne Brigade were tasked with seizing the final bridge at
Arnhem to secure the route. What they did not realise was that the 9. SS and
10. SS-Panzer Divisions were nearby, ready to reinforce the local garrison
and fend off the Allied assault.

Focusing on the role played by these British and Polish troops, Ken Ford
examines Operation Market-Garden in its entirety, from the early planning
through to the early setbacks and eventual catastrophic conclusion.


Ken Ford trained as an engineer and spent almost 30 years in the
telecommunications industry before a change in career led him to become a
full-time military historian. He is the author of over 30 books on various
aspects of World War II. Ken now lives in Southampton.Graham Turner is a
leading historical artist, specializing in the medieval period. He has
illustrated numerous titles for Osprey, covering a wide variety of subjects
from the dress of the 10th-century armies of the Caliphates, through the
action of bloody medieval battles, to the daily life of the British Redcoat
of the late 18th century. The son of the illustrator Michael Turner, Graham
lives and works in Buckinghamshire, UK.


Origins of the campaign


Opposing commanders

Opposing armies

Orders of battle

Opposing plans

The campaign


The battlefields today

Further reading


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