Osprey Publishing CAM271 The Conquest of Saxony AD 782785

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Charlemagne's conquest of the Saxons was the hardest fought and most
protracted of his wars; it involved 18 campaigns spread across 33 years, a
great deal of lower-level fighting and the harshest final peace settlement
that Charlemagne ever imposed upon a defeated foe. Rapidly taking on the
character of a religious conquest from its outset, it also became the most
important of all Charlemagne's wars for the future direction and character
of European history and began the long process of uniting the
German-speaking peoples. With extensive photographs, full colour artworks,
maps and bird's-eye-views, this volume unravels the initial stages of a
convoluted sequence of events that led to the conquest of the Saxons and
ultimately Charlemagne's consolidation of Saxony into the greater
Carolingian Empire.


David Nicolle, born in 1944, worked in the BBC's Arabic service for a number
of years before gaining an MA from the School of Oriental and African
Studies, London, and a doctorate from Edinburgh University. He has written
numerous books and articles on medieval and Islamic warfare, and has been a
prolific author of Osprey titles for many years. Graham Turner is a leading
historical artist, specializing in the medieval period. He has illustrated
numerous titles for Osprey, covering a wide variety of subjects from the
dress of the 10th-century armies of the Caliphates, through the action of
bloody medieval battles, to the daily life of the British Redcoat of the
late 18th century.


Origins of the campaign


Opposing commanders

Opposing armies

Orders of battle

Opposing plans

The campaign


The battlefields today

Further reading


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