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The period covered in this volume was considered to be the 'glory years' for
the Jagdwaffe fresh from the experience gained in the Spanish Civil War and
for the Bf 109 in particular. Many famous pilots scored their first kills in
the classic dogfights staged over Poland, Western Europe, the Channel and
finally southern England. Some 40 Knight's Crosses were awarded in 1940
alone. However, after sweeping all before them in support of the Blitzkrieg
across continental Europe, the Bf 109E pilots were to suffer badly during
the Battle of Britain, the result of poor tactics inflicted upon them by the
Luftwaffe High Command, and their mount's less then generous range.


Arguably the finest profile artist in the business, John Weal's love of
German aircraft makes his work a treat for students of the subject. He has
written several Aces volumes, and two books on the JU 87 in the companion
series Combat Aircraft. Mark has illustrated several books in both the
Aircraft of the Aces and Combat Aircraft series. He has recently switched
mediums from airbrush to Mac art, and has produced some of the best profiles
Osprey has used to date in Combat Aircraft 18: B-17 Flying Fortress Units of
the Eigth Air Force (part 1) and Combat Aircraft 22: Mitsubishi Type 1 Rikko
Betty Units of World War 2. Mike Chappell in the British Army 1952 and
retired in 1974, after seeing service in Malaya, Cyprus, Swaziland, Libya,
Germany, Ulster and home garrisons. He began painting military subjects in
1968 and since then has gained worldwide popularity as a military
illustrator. Mike has written and illustrated many books for Osprey


Birth of the Blitzkrieg

Guarding the North Sea Coast

Patrolling the Westwall

Scandinavian Sideshow

The Blitzkrieg Comes of Age

The Battle of Britain and After


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