New Rail Models 40022 FLEX LINK STARTER SET

New Rail ModelsSKU: NRM04002200


Simplify installation of Blue Point(TM) Turnout Controllers (sold separately)
with this complete and easy to use system. A wood knob mounted on the fascia is
connected to a nylon push-pull tube, which then connects to the Controller.
Tubes are 3' (91.4cm) long, and can be bent into tight curves, or cut to fit as

Everything you need to install one Blue Point Controller (sold separately)
including one pre-drilled wood knob, one 2-56 screw to attach the knob to the
inner tube, one 3' flexible tube (contains both an inner and outer tube), two
tube clamps with screws that anchor the outer tube at each end, one cable
bracket to hold the outer tube at the Blue Point end, and one 2-56 threaded rod
and clevis to attach inner tube to Blue Point.

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