NCE 207 UTP Panel CAB BUS W/RJ12 Conne

NCESKU: NCE00000207

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The UTP cab bus panel provides a low cost means of adding walk around
capability to your layout. The panel has 4 RJ-12 connectors wired in parallel,
two on the front and two on the rear. Your cab bus can be daisy chained from
one panel to the next using the rear connectors. One or two cabs can then be
plugged in to the front connectors. Please note the Command Station side
versus the More UTP panels side in Figure 1 when wiring your panels. The UTP
can also be used as a cab bus splitter. see the diagrams below

  • UTP 3 Way Splitter.pdf (10 KB)

  • utp.pdf (20 KB)

  • UTP LED install.pdf (10 KB)

  • UTP Panel Dimensions.pdf (8 KB)

  • utp.jpg (20 KB)

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