MRC 1276 TECH 7 AMPAC 760

MRCSKU: MRC00001276


Power, slow speed control and moderate pricing make this a perfect first
step- up train control. Its loaded with popular features, including Accutec

INPUT:120 VAC 60 Hz
OUTPUT:15.5 VDC, 18.5 VAC

  • Accutec Technologyprovides
    smoother performance and helps maintain the extra power when climbing grades
    or running over poor track conditions
  • Proportional Tracking Controlan
    innovative system of control that yields the most responsive, realistic model
    train operation
  • Automatic Circuit Protectorautomatically
    disconnects power to the track to protect your equipment if overload occurs
  • Main Line Direction Switchthrow
    the switch to reverse direction of the loco
  • More Powerfulthan others in
    its class with power to pull heavy loads and operate accessories
  • Pilot Indicator Lightshows
    power is being delivered to the track
  • Advanced Slow Speed Circuitryso
    your loco can crawl and couple easily
  • Fixed A.C. Terminalsfor
    powering switch machines, lights and other accessories
  • 300 Degree Speed Controluses
    300 degree throttle for an extended range of control

Resources to Download:

1.) Manual
- Tech 7

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