Morning Sun Books 7031 Waterfront Railroads of New York Harbor - Volume 1 -- Overview, B&O, BEDT, BT, DL&W, ERIE ane EL (Softcover, 96 Pages)

Morning Sun BooksSKU: 484-7031


If you like switching railroads in cramped quarters you'll love Waterfront Railroads of New York Harbor Volume 1 from Morning Sun Books. The great harbor surrounding New York City was both a barrier and a thoroughfare for dozens of area railroads. This first volume features the unique character of waterfront railroading on the B&O, Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal BEDT, Bush Terminal BT, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western DL&W, Erie, and Erie-Lackawanna EL. All of these railroads had lines that were dependent on car floats and tugboats. Waterfront Railroads of New York Harbor is the first volume of an all-color series on New York City waterfront railroading. Softcover, 96 Pages

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